Design Manifesto

Welcome to my world, where line, space, placement, and color rule. Composition of everyday items fill my thoughts. I can do that, with a little time and effort; maybe even perfection.

I design because it is the natural reaction I have to my worldview. I see so many poorly designed things that I must do something. Whether it is just for my own satisfaction, or to quench the thirst of someone’s vision, design is a natural extension of my illustration. I draw because I must; I design because I can. I want to leave my mark on the world, but also earn my keep. To be able to make money on my artistic abilities I must conform to and learn the ways of good design. The world may like my art, but realistically I can’t live off of it. Designing for print is like music on substrate. Everything must balance and make a pleasing arrangement. Good design should go unnoticed by the layman but stand out to the professional. It’s your peers that measure you, influence you and help you to grow. They are your competition and your cheerleaders. I would like to make a positive impact on my peers, my superiors, and the people who will eventually work under me. I want to be a witness for my belief system. If that system breaks down whom will I become? If I like strawberries and champagne, how do I make the world like strawberries and champagne within my parameters? Persuading everyone to see through my colored glasses, to understand that life is given and not earned, is the ultimate goal. I am inherently a watcher, it’s hard for me to break away from that mindset and become the presenter. So where do I want to go in this world? Anywhere there is inspiration and hopefully one day I will make a dent on this third rock from the sun.

Karen Greene | Graphic Designer