‘The Edge’ Identity & Postcards

The Edge Postcards

To convince 11 to 13 year-olds to attend a church youth group because it’s fun, exciting, and not boring like some other church activities for your parents. Also for parents to know their kids are in safe hands. The client wanted this to have the same style as a poster previously designed. Distressed and dynamic. A map was requested for the backside of this postcard, with contact info, address, and street names.

Front | Use of blue and pink shows both girls and boys are welcome to attend. Wings symbolize angels because this is a christian church. A starburst focuses your attention to the logomark, which is black and bold to stand out in the busy background.

Back | A vector drawing simplifying streets and labels was used with a star marking the church location. Distressed and varied font faces were used to give it a hand drawn look. The most important information being simpler and bolder than the rest. In order to create a hierarchy within this complex card, layering and transparency is essential.


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