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Donna Louise Designs

Problem: To convince Seattle area homeowners to use Donna Louise Designs (DLD) for their space planning needs, instead of some large interior design company, because DLD is local, sophisticated and knows how to convey what the homeowner wants. DLD had an existing color palette to work with, and suggested a bamboo theme. Solution: Using the inspiration of Fung Shi, the business cards are […]


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The Roe Law Firm, LLC

Problem: To convince people seeking copyright & trademark services to use The Roe Law Firm because they are experts at what they do, instead of using larger law firms who will be more expensive and impersonal. Solution: The use of a funnel shape conveys a unified approach, and the blue color symbolizes peace and tranquility. […]

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Oregon Zoo Campaign

Deliverables: Presentation files for the following: 60 Second TV Spot Storyboards, Billboard, Bus Wrap, Trimet Bench, Oregonian full-page ad, Oregonian half-page ad, T-shirt Design Problem: To convince parents to take their children to the Oregon Zoo, instead of other activities, because it is a reality expanding experience. Use of an existing logo required. Solution: The […]

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