Oregon Zoo Campaign

Expand Reality

60 Second TV Spot

Presentation files for the following: 60 Second TV Spot Storyboards, Billboard, Bus Wrap, Trimet Bench, Oregonian full-page ad, Oregonian half-page ad, T-shirt Design

Trimet Poster

Trimet Bench Ad

To convince parents to take their children to the Oregon Zoo, instead of other activities, because it is a reality expanding experience. Use of an existing logo required.


The use of a line drawing of a child interacting with a line drawing of an animal in its photographed environment. The juxtaposition of a photograph and illustration helps support the theme/tagline “expand reality”. The plain illustrated child is reaching into a real world full of color and texture. Illustrating the animals the same way as the child connects the two. They are in the same place, but the child needs to go to the habitat to have this experience.


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