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Donna Louise Design Business CardsProblem:
To convince Seattle area homeowners to use Donna Louise Designs (DLD) for their space planning needs, instead of some large interior design company, because DLD is local, sophisticated and knows how to convey what the homeowner wants. DLD had an existing color palette to work with, and suggested a bamboo theme.
Using the inspiration of Fung Shi, the business cards are well-balanced from front to back. On the front of the card I placed the identity of bamboo stalks and leaves to convey growth and nature. The choice and placement of the font face was difficult because of the length of the name, but ended up being very similar to Chinese calligraphy with the elegant brush strokes and washed out color. Because the front is very elegant and light, the back needed to be dark and straight forward, so I only placed the hint of bamboo leaves and made the tagline prominent. I added a Fahrenheit symbol
to the end of the tagline to convey that DLD space planning can determine the emotional temperature of a room or space.
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